Monday, September 24, 2012

The First Presidential Debate - Mitt

The first presidential debate will soon be upon us. It will be held October 3, 2012 in Denver Colorado at 7:00 PM local time.

Mitt Romney is still facing a few chart hurdles that have been around for a while. His Neptune is still retrograded in the 10th house, the house of career and government. Neptune will go direct right after Election Day, November 10. Retro, Neptune causes all kinds of confusion and illusion, even more than it normally does. There are no boundaries, no limits - no sense of reality. When it is in your 10th house, you actually believe you can do the things you say you can at work. Mitt is believing the stuff he is saying....really! It is too bad for him few others do. So expect a few more whoopers coming from him debate night.

I think the chance of him downright lying during debate night is increased because Jupiter has just crossed into his 3rd house, the house of communication. Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. In the third house it can make for a golden tongue or a big liar. I am going against the golden tongue option here because Mitt also has natal Saturn in his 3rd. Saturn is all about restriction - the exact opposite of expansive Jupiter. He will never be a silver tongued orator. With progressed ascendant conjuncting Saturn now in his chart, I can't imagine him becoming sparkling and bubbly in speech.

By the way, poor Mitt can't help switching his ideas and words at every turn. Look at his natal first house. He has Uranus in the 1st in Gemini. Uranus is the quick change artist, the quirky, changeable planet. He could try to come  with a new improved Mitt. Gemini is the communicator - how can he keep his stories straight? But with his Sun conjunction Saturn in his 5th - the house of creativity and play - he is still going to be old Mitt in a new jacket.

Next time - President Obama on debate night.


Anonymous said...

I see it differently. Karma for sure but not the way most may think. There are some celestial stars at play that will keep this close with a different ending in November then imagined! Enjoy your star gazing and destiny!

Joan Porte said...

HI, I would love to know what planets you are referring to - and who you are!

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