Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tale of Two Leo Presidents

Two recent Presidents were born under the Sun Sign of Leo. But just to show you how little the Sun Sign means to a full chart analysis let's look at these two men, President Clinton and President Obama to see how that Leo energy manifests in their chart.

First, President Clinton whose birthday is later this week. His Leo Sun is in the eleventh house, the house of group and social interactions - well yes, he does excel at that, don't you think? However, look at his first house, the house of personality. It is opened by Libra - the sign that demands interaction with other people  - it is a people sign and Libra rising people can even exhibit co-dependent traits. Libra loves human interaction! Mars right on the ascendant! Holy Cow - the god of war - the raw energy of Mars also in the sign of "other" - and one degree away from his rising sign.  I have to make myself heard and seen not only in a crowd but to everyone. Love me please, love me! (Chiron also in the first,  the wounded warrior shows how much he really needs to be love and accepted by others.)

Neptune sits on Mars - well you know Neptune - the obfuscater - that helps that President well shall we say distort his version of things from time to time! Adding Venus to the mix - the goddess of love and romance - oh let's not rehash that. You get the picture.

All in all he has a stellium - more than 5 planets and asteroids in Libra in or bordering the first house. Even if his talent was in shoe sales and not politics he would be the town's best known, most affable and most avuncular show salesman. He can't help it. Is a a person who needs people.

President Obama, also a Leo Sun, has a vastly different first house. His rising sign is not people loving, people needing Libra, but aloof and cool Aquarius. Aquarius loves all Mankind but he isn't too interested in getting down and dirty with people every day - he feels your pain but doesn't want to learn too much about it. Where Libra is all about other - Aquarius is a very cerebral, very detached sign - they are smarter than the average bear - know what needs to be done and expect everyone to just do it without any fuss or muss. 

His Sun is in the 6th house the house of work and service. So he firmly believes if he keeps his head down and keeps working the noise will dissipate. Unfortunately, the noise of opposition  is too determined to just go away but since they are illogical to the Aquarius mind he just doesn't imagine that he has to address them as serious. 

President Obama's South Node is in the first house - and like Clinton, the Chiron, wound issue. (I wonder how many people who carry a deep wound in the first turn to politics for acceptance?) So he is carrying a lot of deep issues inside him that are just below the surface - which again translate to caution.

To Leo's - two Presidents - vastly different men!

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