Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grand Cross - Drama or Just Awakening?

I am feeling annoyed...not terribly annoyed because I am in Maine taking in the breezes, the lobster and ocean air - but as annoyed as one can be in this situation.The reason for my consternation is the talk about the coming of the April 23 grand cross. As you might recall I went heard two speakers weave a tale of horror and destruction that will occur when this grand cross occurs; i.e., the EU will fail, our dollar will be gone, mass economic and political upheaval will occur and a new world order will arise from the gloom! 

A grand cross is when four planets are in opposition to each other. In this case we will have retrograded Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries opposing Mars in Libra. These planets will be in cardinal signs. There are three kinds of signs, mutable, cardinal and fixed. The mutable signs are easy going - go along and get along, The fixed signs have more stubborn in nature and cardinals are the movers the shakers, the doers. Hence, the doom and gloom - the god of War, the god of expansion, the god of quick change and the god of slow change all pulling against each other and in cardinal signs - each grasping for their piece of the pie!

Any type of cross, square or opposition is a difficult time but not always horrible - without them we would not have change - not have awakenings. Someone with a birth chart overloaded with "positive" aspects can have a rather boring and unfulfilled life because they have no mountains to climb. I keep thinking what are these gloomy astrologers going to tell people born on April 23, 2014 - OH you will have a terrible life? Instead of seeing this time as a nightmare I am hoping that people will throw off the old ways and say we are tired of waiting around - we want to move forward! Cardinal signs want action. Perhaps people will be tired of stalemates and do-nothing politicians and those who want to bring our country back into the Stone Age. 

I am not saying there won't be some violence - there could be an aspect of "taking it to the street." Bad things could happen at that time but I am not comfortable with saying the only result will be total destruction of the social order. 

Change is not always easy but let's use it as a time to break bonds, break stalemates and demand the end to inertia. Energy release is energy release - it is up to us to make it constructive and not destructive. Let's not paint an ending before we have even started and let's encourage people to use a rough time to yield a positive outcome!

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the the grand trine venus/neptune in pisces,moon/saturn in scorpio, and
jupiter in cancer? What a wonderful pattern in the sky. I would vote for the awakening.

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