Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Astrology of Tragedy

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 I am as furious as every other thinking human over the carnage in Tucson this weekend. There is no way we can make sense of something like this --- a madman aided by ridiculous gun laws and a crazy hate driven political atmosphere. Without the birth data of the shooter I can't do a full analysis, however, we can look at what was going on over Tucson when he went on a rampage.

Remember that whole Mars/Pluto - hot and cold and anger and change conjunction we had going on a few weeks ago? In Tucson it was in the 8th house - the house of power, death and transformation. We tend to think that once an aspect has passed, the energy has passed. Not so. It can create a spark that sees ignition later.

Also, Uranus and Jupiter are still together in Pisces and both are in the 11th house in conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith over Tucson. The Black Moon is where we feel a void - emptiness. The 11th house is the location for group activities. If someone was Hell-bent on destruction that feeling of emptiness could manifest in the desire to bring mayhem to a public place. Uranus makes this electric and highly charges and Jupiter is all about expansion. Expansion can be a good thing but not when it is fuel to insane ideas.

When I look at Saturn I see it is in 6th House. Sixth house vibrates to health issues and Saturn is what gives us form and structure. It basically deals with our skeleton and protective bone covering. Need I say more?

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