Tuesday, January 18, 2011

State of the Union

Will President Obama continue his upward spiral in the polls with his State of the Union address? I progressed his chart to see where the stars will be for him that night and found some promising news.

First, his transiting Moon will be conjunct his progressed Mercury and Mars in the 12th house. Don't expect a fire and brimstone barn burner - the 12th house is introverted.  Mercury and Mars together especially in Libra the house of the "other person" - gives mental energy and a sharp mind and the ability to reach people. Add the Moon and you get emotionalism but they are all tucked away in the 12th, thus the more subdued approach.

With transiting Sun and Mars conjuncting his natal Saturn/Jupiter in the 3rd house (see last week's entry for more on that) , his words will have power behind them. I believe the blending of the toned down passion but words that are direct will make a very important statement to the American public.

My biggest cause for concern  sits in his 7th house where his progressed Vesta in Gemini conjuncts his Natal Vesta/Moon in the 7th house. The 7th, like Libra, vibrates to the energy of uniting with the other person.  With Vesta in Gemini it is a great time to focus energy on words and conveying information. However, Gemini can be somewhat professorial - too intellectual. There is a chance that Professor Obama and not Touchy Feely Obama will appear. I am hopeful that his words will hit the right spot with those people who enjoy having a President with a brain. Those who need to be hit over the head are probably a lost cause.

Overall, most of us will see the new Obama who will present his ideas in a new way - a way that will stress humanitarian ideals and the need for all to work as one. Those who hate him for who he is and what he stands for will be vociferous in their negativity but he will have reached the rest of us on another level.

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