Thursday, January 13, 2011


Obama Download CollectionIn my blog entry entitled "Happy Birthday Mr. President" I wrote last summer about the transits to President Obama's chart. At the time his12th house was loaded with personal planets including Mercury the communicator and that is always an indication of a time of inward looking. It is not a time of connecting to other and making heart stirring speeches. However, I told Progressives to hang tight because that would all be clearing out in 2011. And boy has it!

Just before the Tucson speech last night, I ran to the computer and checked out his chart. There was Mars, the sign of energy and strength sitting right in his 3rd house that which vibrates to speech and communication. Mr. Obama was born with Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction in the 3rd. Those two together indicate manifestation and give him the ability to stir with his words. So like a goof ball I was sitting in front of the screen yelling "Come on Barack! Mars is conjunct your Saturn/Jupiter let it rip!" (Sad isn't it?)
He started out slowly. Professor Barack was at the podium. Then he went off script and said "Gabby opened her eyes." You could see the spark come to his eyes and it was all over. By the end the audience and the country were on their feet and in tears. He is back.

Pluto and Vesta are transiting his second house bringing change and a new dedication to harboring resources. Hmmm have there been changes at the White House staff level? New resources, new dedication and new start.

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