Monday, July 11, 2011

Group Charts! Think of the possibilities

I have to tell you about the cool new project I am undertaking... group charts!
By combining the charts of several people into one new relationship chart I can tell alot about the dynamics of that group. For instance, if I combined the charts of you and your spouse and children I would get a new chart that details how you interact as a group.

I recently did this for a spiritual book club I belong to and it showed how we are feeding each other's needs provide security through knowledge. It also pointed out some human faults that we were guilty of that if not addressed could cause disharmony in the group.  It was great to look at and talk about our pluses and minuses.

These charts are often doors to discussion on issues we sometimes don't know how to approach.

So get your family chart done -  or your office chart - or book club...whatever. Awareness is the stepping stone to understanding after all!

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