Tuesday, July 12, 2011

President Obama at 50

On August 4th President Obama will turn 50 years old. It is so depressing realizing that for the first time in your life the President is younger than you but I will have to deal with that later.

One of the big things that happens around our 50th is our Chironic return. Simply put, that is why Chiron returns to the same position it was when we were born. For the President, he has Chiron at 5 degrees Pisces in the 1st house and right now Chiron is hovering at 4 degrees Pisces. It is almost back where it was when he was born.

Chiron is where we carry a deep, deep wound. Chiron in Pisces creates a wound issue around our connection to source, God, the universe - whatever word you want to use. Pisces Chiron people fall into two basic archetypal patterns - either they firmly believe that they are the ONLY way we can connect to source - they know the actual truth or they feel unconnected to the God-source, believing they don't know or don't have the right to know how to be a "child of God."

With Chiron on the first the President's wound issue and this disconnect directly to his self assertion, his basic aggression and focus values. With his natal Mars in Virgo (Mars vibrates to the first house) he kind of has to battle the Virgo-Pisces - victim/martyr syndrome. In other words, it is easy for him to have had problems about who am I, how do I fit in here on Earth and in the whole cosmic picture. As you can imagine, it must have been hard for a highly intelligent, highly ambitious bi-racial man, raised in various parts of the world to put all of his parts together.

One left over of his learned behavior of fitting in is his desire to round off the edges, make himself invisible not to offend (Virgo-Pisces.) Let's hope that after being kicked around by the lunatic fringe or the lunatic base I should say of the GOP, after years of trying to meet them in the middle when the middle keeps moving right, he will experience a Chironic awakening of his own power.

His North Node is Leo - the ego centric sign (and I don't mean that in a critical sense.) His South Node is Aquarius (which is also his rising sign.) It is very easy for him to try to come to some center point to bring all people together - to find results that will be happy for all. But, Mr. President, please - that is your South node - your past karmic identification.

Embrace your Leo - embrace your Lion energy - take the return of Chiron to realize you have found your rightful place. Now roar like the Lion you need to become!

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