Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nodal Return

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I had a birthday last week that is going to start a series of Astrological events that can be someone trying albeit educational. At the ripe age of 56, we hit our nodal return, that is, the North and South Node are back where they were when you were born. This happens once every 18-19 years but the ones we "feel" are the ones that happen between 37/38 and 56/57 because we have had some life behind us.

A nodal return brings up unfinished karma. Remember your South Node is where we are coming from in our previous lives - so if there are situations or people that we haven't quite resolved they are going to come up and smack us in the face. That could be perceived as "bad" but it is really a great thing to be aware of what is happening. If you know that things are happening because of unresolved karma then instead of moaning and complaining you can make an effort to clear the annoyances.

When people are unaware of what is going on they are confused, angry and missing wonderful opportunities to move on and grow.

So check the calendar - is the nodal return happening? If so, take advantage of it. Let me take a look at your chart and see what issues might be on the horizon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
I'm having my nodal return in the 11th house(scorpio). I'm 37 yrs old. I also happen to have transit saturn leaving my 11th house in just 2 wks! My south node is in the 5th house(Taurus). What type of events may occur during my nodal return? Thank you!

Joan Porte said...

HI, I would love to help you but I would need to do a full chart analysis.

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