Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturn Move Away From My Door

Oh crap I thought as I looked at my own little cute birth chart.... Saturn has just entered my first house. Now I don't want to hear from Saturn anti-defamation league but there can be some real issues when Saturn comes near a personal "planet" - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus - or if it hits the house of personality - the first.

Saturn is necessary for us to have order - it rules the bones of people and societies - so it is a necessary little devil. However, the shadow is that it can be so restrictive that it will lead to depression, or at best a sour mood. I was waking up annoyed at the new day - NOT something that is common for me; I did not want to interact with people - again not my thing. It would have been more worrying had I not be able to say - Ah Saturn having its way.

The benefits of Saturn in the 1st is that it will help me work on parts of personality and physicality that I know needs some tweaking, which is why I have started walking every morning religiously and watching my diet - for serious.

One of the many great things about Astrology is to know what the heck is happening to you. So now I won’t worry about the shadow and will instead concentrate on the good it can do me. Had I not known, I could have wasted valuable time worrying that perhaps I was becoming a mean old lady.

Yeah I know hard to believe - because I am soooo lovable.............

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Anonymous said...

I noticed the other night that the moon had a close and very bright companion; I meant to check to find out which planet it was. Thanks! R

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