Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Solar Eclipse Time

The day after Thanksgiving here in the States, we will experience a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses happen when the Sun and Moon are within one degree of each other. For those of us on the East Coast that will be 1:10 AM on November 25, when the Sun and Moon will both be at 2 degrees Sagittarius.

There is a lot of energy behind an eclipse and when in the sign of Sagittarius can help boast you on a spiritual path or just help you find your truth. Sagittarius is all about expanding out in the world and beyond in order to find personal truth. So this is a great time to work on those areas where you have been less than honest or where you feel other are being less than honest.

For some real fun - start doing this at the Thanksgiving table!

To find out where this will impact you the most you need to do a biwheel of your natal chart and the eclipse chart which is something I can whip up for you.

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