Monday, October 1, 2012

The Presidential Debate - President Obama - Zing

Before I look at the President's chart for the debate, I heard today that Romney is going to use "zingers" against the President. All I can say from the bottom of my liberal heart is please do...oh please do. Does he really think he should stand there and zing the President of United States? Has he forgotten how well it went over when Senator McCain called then Senator Obama, "that one" in a debate? Zingers will make the hard right fringe, those people who think President Obama is a flame throwing, Muslim, Kenyan, socialist, but the saner 80 percent of the country will find it insulting. So zing away Mitty!

Now onto the chart. The President will Venus on the cusp of the 10th house, the house of career and social status during the debate. Venus in Scorpio is going to give a depth and beauty to his words BUT he needs to be careful he isn't too in-depth. The President has an issue with being too professorial in debates and this could happen again. With Saturn and Mercury in his 9th house, the house that rules higher education  - the tendency for Professor Obama to show up is great.

Uranus is still in retrograde and is transiting the Presidents first house so he might be a bit jumpy, a bit ready to get this over with and he needs to watch another "you are good enough Hilary" moment. He is anxious to get moving but he has to watch this doesn't trip this up.

If he takes a breath and keeps his answers quick and sharp he will be OK.

PS I still don't like his Sun conjuncting Uranus in the 8th house. This could be a dangerous time for him and I pray daily it goes away fast!

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Shavon said...

Dearest Joan,

Thank you so very much for detailing the astrological chart for the debates of the two candidates. I have all the faith in the world that President Obama will absolutely knock it out of the park. He has endured some of the most hateful and malicious attacks during his presidency and yet he has always remained calm, cool, and collected in the face of intense adversity.

He has known painful hurts and struggles. He has walked a mile in our shoes. That's the type of person I want to lead this nation for another 4 more years. President Obama has accomplished so much during his first term even in the face of unprecedented obstructionism.

It saddens me that while the nation was dealing with one of the most devastating economic disasters since the Great Depression, GOP leaders met privately during his inauguration to devise a plan to destroy his presidency. How shameful and downright treasonous.

I pray and ask the universe everyday and night to protect President Obama, help to move our collective consciousness to reelect him and to always surround him with love and light.

Goodness will prevail.

Having President Barack Obama serve another term will be good not only for middle-class families but for the entire nation as a whole.

I just really hope and pray that mercury in retrograde on election day will be a net positive for President Obama's electoral college victory. We all know what happened in 2000 when mercury went retrograde--and I can't bear to go through that again!

Once again, I thank you for your insightful astrological detailing of the 2012 Presidential Election. I look forward to reading your updates from now until election day and thereafter. Blessed be and may love and light always surround and comfort you.

Warm Regards,

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