Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon Royal Baby - Born to Bring Change!

I get a strong feeling from his chart that the new royal baby is going to use his Capricorn Moon to brood over the power and luxury he was born into and then, when he takes control of the throne, and with that force of his incredible 7th house – modernizes, changes and brings his country into the new century in a way that is remembered for a very long time.  

The new British royal baby boy who was born today at 4:24 PM London time just shy of a total full Moon. Had he waited a few more hours it would have been complete but with the Moon just 2 degrees away from Aquarius and the Sun already 0 degrees Leo - well it is close enough. 

We consider the Moon "full" when it appears totally lit and round.  This is because it is the furthest from the Sun and is out of the grasp of the its rays. The Moon is always "full" we just can't see it when the sunlight is normally hogging a lot of the space.

Full Moon babies sometimes have a hard time connecting to their  emotions. Expressing their emotions, understanding them, feeling and channeling them will all be hurdles to conquer. During those times when the Moon goes "full" every month, if it is a constellation that activates his Natal Moon, he is going to be a bit off kilter for a day or so. 

I find it interesting that his Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn Moon people are more serious and might even be prone to depression and with his Moon squaring Saturn I would alert the family to watch for depression and because the Moon is in the 2nd house of self-worth he might have to learn that he is “worthy” of the office he has been assigned to a birth. Still a monarch with a serious Capricorn Moon will serve him better than a more loosey-goosey Aquarius Moon. 

Speaking of Saturn – what issues is he going to have with daddy? He has Saturn right on the North Node – which again makes him more serious but also makes him more prone to have daddy issues.

However, that Saturn North Node placement is even more important in light of his profession! Follow me here.
Nodally speaking, he has his past life indicator of the South Node in Taurus in the 5th house and his North Node – where he should be going to in this life – in Scorpio in the 11th.  He shares that placement with such luminaries as Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln – not too shabby.  Taurus South Node people are comfortable relying on their physical self – they withhold, withstand and are as stubborn as all get-out. His Venus (ruler of Taurus) is in Virgo – so you want someone who gets a goal in his head and never budges – well watch this baby as he grows! No one will get him off course!

Scorpio 11th house North Node people are fulfilled when they bring about some great social change. Now back to Saturn on the North Node. Saturn represents all male authority structures – like say a 1000 year old monarchy for instance!  He will fulfill his North Node if he stubbornly sticks to his guns and brings about vast and lasting change to the monarchy.

Like his late grandmother Diana, the baby has Sagittarius rising. This is good for several reasons. Sag. rising people are outgoing, athletic, inquisitive and good at people skills. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter and his is right in the middle of a powerful stellium in the 7th house. In his 7th house, the house of intimate and contractual relations, Jupiter is joined by Mars, Mercury, Lilith and Pallas Athena all in the compassionate water sign of Cancer. This is where he will excel, with leading people by his action and his words – to take up the causes of the down-trodden or showing people how they can help and nurture people.

Pluto is still in retrograde and his is again on that tricky 2nd house – so he is going to work hard on feeling that he is doing something to earn his position. As long as he doesn’t beat himself up that should be OK.

The retrograde that I find really funny is Uranus in the 4th. That is an indicator of being born into a unique and rather odd family and having an interesting and even difficult childhood. Well , yeah we can all see that can’t we?

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