Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Royal Tizzy

Oh my, it seems some people in the astrological community have their royal panties in a wad over the royal baby! Is he a Cancer Sun or Leo Sun - it is a topic that is quite the sticky wicket. The new Prince George of Cambridge had the dastardly audacity to be born on a day that the Sun moves from one sign to another and at just about the exact moment the deed was being done. On July 22 the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo - earlier in the day it is at 29 degrees Cancer and later it tips into 0 Leo. 

Do please pardon me as I partake in a wee bit of astrological esoterica. There are many different house systems that astrologers use; some use units of time to divide the sky into 12 houses and some use degrees of distance. I know it would be "loverly" if we could all get along and there be one standard system but life is messy. I like Koch and Porphyry myself but there is also Placidus and a few others. The differences are minuscule and usually unnoticed unless someone is born on the razor's edge. (For we Yanks it is sort of like a Presidential election in Florida.)

The little imp was born at 4:24 PM London time. When I heard the news I jumped on the computer and cast a chart in Koch which showed the Sun at 0 Leo Sun. I went with it and wrote my blog entry for the day which was placed here and on another site.  You would have thought I said that kid was the direct reincarnation of Oliver Cromwell! No, no I heard from some sources - he is 29 degrees Cancer, you fool. He is a Cancer Sun like his father and his late grandmother Diana - he is of the Cancerian line and at 29 degrees which is a very karmic placement we have family karma... Diana karma! He must be a Cancer Sun you silly wench!

Sorry but I don't do astrology to make cute stories fit. I remember 30 years ago when astrologers were running stories about Diana and Charles and how "wonderful" the marriage would be. I was looking at those charts saying HUH - this is going to suck. (I have published the article I wrote then on the blog.) Yes it is romantic and it is what people want to hear but if it isn't true I am not writing it!

 I have since run the baby's chart in 2 other house systems and they show 0 Leo. The funny thing is - the really funny thing is folks - in karmic astrology your Sun sign doesn't amount to a pile of fish and chips. Unless it is aspecting one of the nodes or Pluto or doing something similarly earth shattering it really isn't that key. I have done many a chart interpretation with very little reference to the Sun sign. Sun sign astrology is a Western construct that has done a lot of confuse and bewilder people - sort of like the question, "what does the Queen put in that purse?"

Besides the kid is dripping in Cancerian influence - his Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Lilith and Pallas Athena are all in Cancer so he will be touchy-feely enough for everyone. So let's have a spot of tea, a crumpet or two and relax - all very Cancerian things to do by the way. 

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Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into horoscopes and the zodiac and this has really helped. Thank you!

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