Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Basics

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Hi, before I start, take a look back at my Jan. 24 entry about Neptune and Pisces and look what is going on in the Middle East. Neptune hasn't even gotten into Pisces yet, that will happen in April, but see how the energy is stimulating those people who have just had enough of living under dictatorships and are willing to risk it all for freedom.

Did you ever wonder where it all began? Who started this Astrology thing? Well, we give credit to the Sumerians who lived about 8,500 years ago. They devised the twelve house system based on archetypal energies. (They devised it or were the first to write it down in a form that has survived.) Twelve is a mystical number - like the numbers three and seven, it has a special energetic field. Each house has contains a specific archetypal energy and vibrate to the energy of a specific sign.

The first house vibrates to the energy of Mars and Aries - male aggressive energy - and it controls how we project our personality. The second house vibrates to Taurus and Venus - it deals with possessions and our survival - what goods we need to survive in this world. Three is Gemini - Mercury and deals with our thoughts and gathering knowledge. The fourth contains the energy of home, our roots, and our mother and vibrates to Moon Child and the Moon. Five is all about Leo, Sun energy and handles matters of creativity. Six takes Virgo - Vesta energy and works with our diet and health. Seventh house is personal contracts with people - marriage and business deals and has the energy of Libra and Venus. Eight is all about death and rebirth and dying to the old self and is vibrating with Scorpio - Pluto energy. The ninth house brings us out in the world and sets us on a search for our truth with the help of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Government and societal structure is the domain of the 10th house and is filled with Capricorn - Saturn energy. In the eleventh we find social contacts and group activities spurred on by Aquarian and Uranus energy. Finally in the twelfth house we connect with the collective unconscious with the help of Pisces and Neptune.

It is all energy but then again, isn't everything?

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