Friday, February 4, 2011

Check out this planet placement!

I had to show you what is going on overhead! Every major planet and asteroid is hanging out in the 3rd quadrant, houses 8, 9 and 10. Ceres and the North Node are on the tail end of the 7th. This is the quadrant which deals with socializing - and spiritual discovery. The 8th house is personal power and the power to transform. On a more mundane level it deals with goods of the dead and insurance issues. The 9th house symbolizes our personal quest for the truth and the 10th is how we socialize our goals and normally represents government and authority figures. Gee, I can't think of anything going on in the world right now which deals in these areas.................

Jupiter and Uranus are still in conjunction at the top of the chart although Jupiter has already moved in Aries. So that masculine, aggressive Mars energy is combining with the expansiveness of Jupiter and being unhinged by the electrical bolts being thrown by Uranus. Mars, ruler of Aries, is conjunct the Sun - adding a double dose of fire to the soup.

Can you see how these planets help a simmering group of angry people to find their power, speak their truth and send shock waves through long established, oppressive governments?  I also wonder how many future little rebels will be born in the next few days who will grow up to lead future social movements?
It is an amazing placement!


Emerald said...

I hope that this placement really does do some good for everyone! Thank you for posting an interpretation for us simpletons who are new to astrology and still learning how to read all the planetary placements and how they affect our day to day lives. Love your blog by the way!

Joan Porte said...

Thanks Emerald -that means alot.
Let me know what areas you want me to talk about!


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