Friday, February 11, 2011

What to Buy Your Valentine?

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I will be heading over to TBD Newschannel 8 tonight to do a segment on Astrologically correct Valentine's gifts. However, I will give you a heads up! Keep in mind that you have to look at an entire chart to know what makes a person tick but if someone has a strong Venus or Ascendant in a certain sign then these gifts will appeal to them.

Aries - go to an adult website - the one you never tell Mom about -- and something wild and in red. Aries will thank you for that.

Taurus - Head to the gourmet store and get the biggest basket of wines, cheeses, steaks, breads... appeal to the gourmet/glutton aspect of Taurus.

Gemini - What they need and what they want are two different things. They should get some calming aromatherapy sachets but what they want is the latest APP that would allow them to talk to 10 different people at the same time, read a book and catch a movie.

Moon Child- Get out the tea cozy, the family photo album and wrap them up in a cuddly shawl.

Leo - Easy. Get the biggest mirror you can carry and throw in some brushes and watch them primp all day.

Virgo - A packet of seeds will suffice. Seriously, get a gift basket of crunchy, healthy things wrapped in recycled plastic!

Libra - You can take them to a romantic dinner but remember to get a dessert that you can share with the neighbors. Libra is all about the other person.

Scorpio - They are made for Valentine's! Load up on candles and bubble bath and get some deep, emotional music on the I-Pod.

Sagittarius - Fill the picnic basket  and go for a hike in the woods with Sag!

Capricorn - Again what they need and want will differ. They will probably be happy with the latest historical fiction tome but why not get them something silly and inane - something to play with. They may grumble but I bet they will play with it when no one was around.

Aquarius - Zip over and get the latest electronic widget. If it is fast, future and fun it is for Aquarius.

Pisces - A book to hid their dreams is perfect or an Impressionist painting of the ocean!

So whatever your honey's sign is have a great Valentine's Cupid's arrow.

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