Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's for supper?

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 I thought I would have some fun playing with my two favorite things - food and Astrology. Now keep in mind it is silly to say all Pisces will eat this particular kind of food. Sun Signs, remember are a very minor part of our astrological makeup. We have to look at the rising sign and for something like food - see where a person's Venus resides. Those are better indicators of whether they think food is something they have to bother with in order to survive or if it is almost a religious experience!

If you are expecting a heavily Aries influenced person over tonight reach for the spice rack. Aries like to have their food bite back a bit -nothing boring and bland. Oh and don't waste their time with an hours long meal - they want to keep moving. Taurus on the other hand wants gourmet meals, lavish foods and the best of wines. Don't you dare serve them a frozen dinner or the Bull could charge!

Gemini is easy - serve them a meal that is bite-sized. Remember Cher's character in the movie, "Mermaids"? She only made meals in finger sandwich size. Now that is someone with a lot of Gemini in her! They want to be able to read, eat, and play video games all at the same time. For Moon Child, however, it is all about cozy, family comfort food surrounded by as many generations of family as possible. Think chicken-pot-pie, apple pie and macaroni and cheese when you think of Mood Child.

Leo the lion has to have a table big enough for their adoring courtiers to surround them while they dine. Like Taurus they want the best food and wine but with Leo you have to serve it in the best china you can muster. Virgo has already lived this life of Riley and their digestive systems have paid the price. Go directly to the health food store and get the healthiest organic meal and serve in on biodegradable dishes!

Libra has to be with other so break out the Leo table, take all the gold off and put it out for Libra. For food, think of things that can be shared because Libra is all about the other person - Chinese food - pizza....whatever it is - it has to be shared. Scorpio loves to delve into mystery so think of something deep dish and maybe have a surprise on the bottom!

Make something foreign for Sagittarius - or better yet take them to a part of town that is known for exotic food - like little India or little Thailand - and let them think they are travelling the world! Capricorn the goat is all about meat and potatoes and good solid veggies - all American food please!

Ok for Aquarius take all the leftovers you may have from the other signs and make one big wacky dinner. To make them even happier - serve it on the floor on a big silly blanket. Finally for Pisces keep the booze under lock and key - some of them might have an issue with that. Make sure you have some dreamy music playing and make soothing soups and soft custards.

Time to make dinner! Have fun.

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