Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mars and Juno and Deodorant

Acacia Blossom
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The ONE thing that tripped me up in this series of Presidential debates was my thought that the warrior god Mars conjunction to the loyalty goddess Juno would make Mitt Romney come out like big pappa protector at the last debate on foreign affairs. I didn't know then that internal polling was showing that macho act of his was turning off women and they made him tone in way down. (I think all that Mars energy was the cause of this "flop sweat" - it had to come out somehow.)  Instead what happened is that Romney became loyal to something else - well actually someone else - and that was President Obama. All night long he told us how he agreed with everything the President has done.

We don't always have to listen to our stars. I often tell people this is a good time to do something and they say later, I should have listened to you. That is called free will.

Just be sure of one thing if you fail to follow the energy of the universe -- invest in a good antiperspirant.

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