Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Presidential Debate Recap

My blogs written in the past two weeks said the stars were ripe for Obama to fall into two bad patterns, one being too professorial and the other looking like he didn’t want to be there. Why or why don’t they listen to me? J Also I said Romney might appear in a different way and would lie through his teeth. ( I will let you judge that last one.)  Those stars – those stars.

 I am looking ahead to the VP debates which are going to be a lot more energetic – in fact these guys should go at it. VP Biden does have a retrograded planet in his house of communication … ah one thing Joe doesn’t need is a debilitated planet in the house of speech!!! ACK.


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Shavon said...

Dearest Joan,

Congratulations for predicting the outcome of the first debate correctly!

I'm of the opinion that President Obama's performance in the first debate was vintage Obama. He has never 'gotten into the weeds' with his opponents. I'm sorry if some liberals wanted a death-match between the two candidates but that has never been President Obama's style.

Romney might have "won" on style but the President won on substance. How can anyone seriously pin down a pathological liar like Romney? The President had few options in the debate. Either get into several arguments with Romney or be sure to defend his own record. It was an impossible task to do both so for better or for worse President Obama calmly struck down Romney's distortions while still defending his record.

Time will tell if the President's more subdued approach in the first debate will pay off but for those who were watching the debate with me, mostly women, many had the impression that Romney was boorish.

There are two more debates left aside from the VP Debate. I wonder which Romney will show up this time?!

I thank you again Joan for sharing your astrological insight with us. It is truly invaluable.

Love and light,

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