Friday, October 19, 2012

The Final Debate - Thank Goddess....

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Here it is --- the final debate... between oh you know who, Oct 22, 2012, 9p in Boca Raton.

OK let me get this out front, the President has an odd conjunction on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses, the house of personal power and transformation and international affairs. He has transiting Saturn and transiting Sun straddling that cusp in Scorpio. These two together gives him a self-discipline BUT it can also limit self-expression. He has got to practice, practice, practice. Perhaps by blowing off debate practice for the first one will make him more dedicated this time but he can NOT wing it. He has to be as well prepared or more so than he was for debate two or Romney will get away with fabrications again. 

The good news is that the transiting Sun and progressed Pluto are also conjunct in the 8th giving him incredible drive and energy. This is like an either or situation - gangbusters or tongue-tied there will be no in between.

With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 9th house his charisma will be at its peak. He is also going to be looking to dig up the information (Scorpio) that will lead to another "gotcha" moment. He knows more about foreign affairs than Romney and he is going to find ways to prove it. This isn't going to be a war of raw emotions and as a war of information, knowledge and statesman ship, "I know this, I can do it, you are an amateur so get out of the way." 

I love the Mars, Mercury, Venus conjunction on the 7th - 8th house cusp - this is a signature for strong, communications in a way that people can understand. Being, in Virgo, the "worker-bee" again shows we are not looking for prose but for nitty gritty details.  He wants to kill with knowledge. 

Permit me to get a bit "Oookey spooky" here. I preface this by saying my theory is based on nothing but my gut instinct - you aren't going to read this theory in any text book and I have no idea if this is at all valid but what the heck..  In his first house the President has the Part of Fortune (karmic reward) conjuncting his Midheaven (career indicator) and his natal South Node, where he is coming from previous life-wise. If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I believe the President is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Will we see something that makes us say that was Lincolnesque or what he just said comes from a different place? When he is talking about war and sacrifice and honoring the war dead will we see some indication that he feels this on a deeper level - like the level or a man who saw bloodshed in his country at an unprecedented level?  I don't know - again this is just a "Joan theory" but I am going to be watching to find out.

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