Monday, October 15, 2012

Mitt Debate 2

Remember I mentioned that President Obama has that Mars Juno conjunct in the 10th house? Well for Mitt Romney it is in the 7th house and conjuncting his progressed Neptune. He is going to do a better job at connecting with individuals then expected at this debate. His Moon is also conjuncting Mercury so he is going to be "feeling your pain" all over the place.

I only hope that people will see the "Malarky" behind it - (Neptune.) Mars and Neptune together can help someone spin a rather mystical yarn but it can also make a person so full of cow pies that they are called out on it. The time is ripe for him to make a really dumb comment...oh please do it - please. Darn that Saturn Sun conjunction - that just might be enough to keep him from going too far.

This is the key to the debate, however - how quickly will Romney be called on his lies and lie he will continue to do. That transiting retrograded Neptune is in his 10th house - the house of career and government is what has been fueling his propensity to lie. We need to hear a lot of "Now wait that is not what you said last month" - from President Obama to call him on his crap.  Romney also has Jupiter conjunct his ascendant in his first house. This is the typical sign of "illusions of grandeur." 

The President needs to counter every lie with a fact one right after another for him to totally prevail in this debate. 

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