Monday, October 15, 2012

President - Second Debate - Fire This Time

Take heart depressed Democrats President Obama has Mars and Juno conjunct in his 10th house and they are in a fire sign. What? That doesn't excite you? How about Sun conjunct Pluto in the 8th? OK OK. The good news about the President's chart is that with Mars and Juno in the 10th, he is going to be focused on his career and his need to protect it! Unlike last time when he looked like he was on Nyquil, the President is going to be blazing. The Sun and Pluto in the house of transformation and personal power gives him a fighting edge as well.

He will continue to have to deal with that retrograded Neptune in the 1st house - but I am counting and praying on his fierce competitiveness and desire not to lose to a boob like Romney to overcome that disconnectedness that Neptune can cause.

He also has a Moon, Mars, Mercury conjunction in the 9th that will keep his flame ignited.

Don't expect a Joe Biden-esque performance, first that isn't the President's style and also the GOP can't wait to call him the "angry black man" to fire up their base. However, you will see some smiles and then a "But wait a minute", or "You say that now but...."

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